FIFA 22 – FUT Heroes

FIFA 22 - FUT Heroes

The new FUT heroes are THE fifa 22 feature. EA aannounced the release of the fut heroes to bring more attention to popular ex football players. However the fut heroes serie can best be compared to the FUT Icons, EA announced the Fifa ultimate team icons will still be part of fifa 22. EA did not yet disclose the requirements for a player to become a FUT hero instead of an Icon.

FUT Heroes vs Icons

In many ways FUT heroes are comparable to the popular FUT Icon series. Both types of players are based on popular ex football players and both help you achieve a better team chemistry. Although there are some simillarities, the fut heroes are definitely a welcome addition to the fut player database. Not all is the same, fut icons are available in different editions whilst fut heroes are only available, as far as we know so far, in one type. Besides that, the chemistry rules for fut heroes are different from the chemistry rules for icons and may need some explanation.

FUT heroes chemistry rules

FUT heroes help you achieve better chemistry in your squad. However Icons have the same benefits for your squad, the chemistry rules for fut heroes are a little different. FUT Icons link with all other cards and make a strong link with players from the same nation. FUT Hero cards have a nation and a league unlike icon cards which only have a nation on their card. FUT hero cards make a weak link with players from the same nation, a strong link with players from the same league (no matter the club) and a perfect link with player cards with the same league and nation.

Fut heroes, Chemistry

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