FIFA 22 – Female Pro Clubs

FIFA 22 - Female Pro Clubs

Female Pro Club Characters

Since the beginning of the FIFA series you haven’t been able to play with female characters. Neither of the popular FIFA game-modes allow you to play with female characters, until now. EA Sports initiates disclosed the option to create Female characters  to be one of the new pro club features. If EA does indeed add this feature to the pro clubs game mode in FIFA 22, this would be a great step towards more diversity in the popular fifa series and maybe even a stepping stone towards female characters in the popular fifa ultimate team game mode.

More diversity in the FIFA series

For the last few years people have been asking more and more about more diverse fifa characters since discussions about diversity have been very alive in the world for the last few years. Due to the growing popularity of female soccer it does seem like a logical step for EA sports to start including female characters into their FIFA game modes and especially into the most popular Fifa Ultimate Team mode. However female characters have been available for a while in the volta game mode through the women’s international teams, including female characters in the pro club mode will be a big step towards a more diverse game.

Since the rumours about this addition started, and especially since ea officially announced this news, many people have been applauding this move via social media. Women’s football influencer and content creator James Lewis responded on the news on twitter as follows: “This is a good step but we need women’s club games on there.” Based on this online enthousiasm EA could expect to sell more fifa editions to female soccer fans in the next few months whilst the great majority of fifa players have been male so far. This could stimulate EA Sports to indeed include female club teams to the upcoming Ultimate Team editions.

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