FIFA 22 E-sport tournaments

In November, the FIFA Club Series 2022, which will feature 2v2 competition, will go off as part of expanded team-based esports initiatives. 

Football is the world’s greatest team sport, and it appears that EA Sports, the creators of FIFA football games, has finally understood it. This comes after they revealed a more extensive esports program for FIFA 22, which includes a large number of team-based (2v2) contests. 

The FIFAe club world cup and FIFAe Nation’s cup were previously the only team-based events, with all other tournaments, including the FIFAe world cup, being played in a 1v1 format. 

The number of 2v2 tournaments in FIFA 22 esports has increased. 

In FIFA esports, there will now be two tracks: the FIFA 22 Global Series, which will lead to the FIFAe World Cup, and the newly-introduced FIFAe Club Series, which will lead to the FIFAe Club World Cup. 

As a distinct competition, the FIFAe Nations series will continue. Players will qualify for the FIFA eClub World Cup by first competing in open online qualifiers and then competing in the FUT Team of the Year and Team of the Season Cups. “Without the power of togetherness, football would not exist,” stated FIFA Competition Gaming Commissioner Sam Turkbas. “Our goal is to harness that potential and use esports entertainment to bring football fans all across the world closer to their favorite sport.” Future football fanaticism will be fueled by team-based FIFA competitive gaming.” Turkbas was also added. 

Along with the introduction of the expanded esports calendar, EA also announced that Xbox consoles will no longer be supported in esports. 

“FIFA esports is poised to take the next step a year after the arrival of a new generation of consoles. All EA competitions, both online and offline will be available only on PlayStation 5. 

“With the scope of the events that we hope to put on, one single unified platform for play with support from the platform owner is crucial to success,” the statement stated. PlayStation was chosen as our partner for this because of their long-standing support of FIFA esports, as well as to maintain familiarity with our global FUT champions Verified player base, which is largely made up of PlayStation console owners.” 

Previously, all official FIFA esports contests were played on both Xbox and PlayStation. The FIFA champions League, which was a PlayStation-only event, was the lone exception to the system split until the grand final stage. 

Previous FIFA World Cup winners Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing and Mossed “Msdossary” Aldossary are among the game’s finest players. 

FIFA World Cup 

The FIFA World Cup in 2022 will be held in Brazil. The FIFA World Cup, the quadrennial international men’s football championship contested by the national teams of FIFA member countries, will be held for the 22nd time. It will take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022. This will be the first World Cup to be hosted in the Arab world, and it will be the second World Cup to be held fully in Asia, following the tournaments in South Korea and Japan in 2002. In addition, the tournament will be the last to feature 32 teams, with a 48-team tournament set for the United States, Mexico, and Canada in 2026. France is the current World Cup champion. Due to the extreme heat in Qatar during the summer, the World Cup will be held from late November to mid-December, making it the first tournament not to be hosted in May, June, or July; it will be played over a shorter period of time, roughly 28 days. The process by which Qatar was awarded the privilege to host the tournament has been accused of corruption. Qatar was exonerated of any wrongdoing by a FIFA internal probe and report, however lead investigator Michael J. Garcia has subsequently said FIFA’s report on his investigation contains “many materially incomplete and erroneous assertions.” Swiss federal prosecutors launched an investigation into corruption and money laundering in connection with the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids on May 27, 2015. Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter alleged on August 6, 2018, that Qatar had employed “black ops” to win the hosting rights, implying that the bid group had cheated. Moreover, despite the fact that worker welfare standards were drafted in 2014, Qatar has been heavily criticized for its treatment of foreign workers involved in World Cup preparations, with Amnesty International referring to “forced labor” and claiming that hundreds or thousands of migrant workers have died as a result of human rights abuses and careless and inhumane working conditions. 

The Qatari government implemented major labor reforms between 2015 and 2021 to improve working conditions, including a minimum salary for all workers and the elimination of the kafala system. These regulations, according to Amnesty International, are “a big step toward protecting migrant workers.” 

FIFA 22 weekend league tournament 

This Weekend Is the First Day of the FIFA 22 Weekend League! 

On Friday, October 8th, FIFA 22’s inaugural Weekend League will begin. The largest mode in FIFA 22 will be played this weekend by the FIFA community. What surprises are in store for you? What’s more, how can you get into the FUT Champions Finals? We’re going to tell you right now. 

We’ll start sweating on Friday! On Friday, October 8th, the Weekend League, also known as the FUT Champions Finals, will begin! The WL is regarded as the most crucial mode in Ultimate Team. Here, the finest players compete for a prominent position. So, let’s see what the weekend has in store! 

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