FIFA 22 – Release date

FIFA 22 - Release date

FIFA 22 – Release date

The FIFA 22 series is around the corner! Within a few weeks, all FIFA fans will be able to enjoy EA Sports’ newest FIFA edition. Fifaplaza will release all news, leaks and predictions every day in the road to FIFA 22. In this blog we will talk about all confirmed details and predictions regarding the release dates for different FIFA 22 editions.

FIFA 22 Standard Edition

The FIFA 22 standard edition is the cheapest of all FIFA editions. This edition can be pre-ordered for about €70,00 and you will be able to play from October 1. EA officially confirmed the release date for this edition and you will therefore surely be able to start playing FIFA 22 October first if you decide to pre-order.

FIFA 22 Champions Edition

For the last few years, every fifa edition was available in three different versions; the standard edition, champions edition and ultimate edition. However, EA announced FIFA 22 will exclusively be available in the standard edition and ultimate edition. The reason for this change has not been disclosed yet.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

Just like every other year, the ultimate edition will be the most expensive FIFA 22 edition. If you decide to pre-order this version, many exclusive extra features will be available for you. EA announced dual entitlement to be available exclusively for the ultimate edition as well as the 4 day head start on other fifa players if you choose this premium edition. For about €90,00 you will be able to start playing September 27.

FIFA 22 EA Play

EA Play, formerly known as EA acces, is an exclusive EA subscription on all popular game consoles. By subscribing to EA play one can enjoy extra features in electronic arts games including trial playtime and free games. With a subscription you will be able to try FIFA 22 for 10 hours before the official release, starting September 22. EA play subscriptions are available starting from 4€ / month.

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