FIFA 22 – Hypermotion Technology

FIFA 22 - Hypermotion Technology

Hypermotion technology

The hypermotion technology EA sports announced might be the most interesting new FIFA 22 feature so far. The goal of this new hypermotion technology is to make FIFA 22 gameplay more realistic by implementing real life traits into the popular soccer game. EA sports’ official hypermotion trailer shows some big players, including Kylian Mbappe, Heung min Son and Trent Alexander-Arnold, wearing special motion capturing suits to capture their movements. This same trailer shows real life movements implemented perfectly into the fifa 22 gameplay to make the popular football game even more realistic.

EA uses the real life games of 22 professional football players to gather more movements for this fifa edition. With over 4000 different captured animations, this FIFA series offers three times as much different animations as the past FIFA editions. EA offered some fifa fans to test out the new technological gameplay features and their reactions were great! People commented on the new animations and called the gameplay “less stiff” than the gameplay in earlier editions. EA put way more attention into the smaller interactions between players to make the game more realistic.

On which console(s) will hypermotion technology be available?

Unfortanetely for many FIFA enthousiasts, this amazing feature will not be available for all different consoles. EA disclosed the technology only to be available for the Playstation 5 and Xbox series X/S edition. Other gameconsoles like the Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC consoles will unfortanetely not support theis feature. The fact that you wont be able to enjoy this extra realistic gameplay technology does seem strange, although EA doesn’t seem to make it a secret they consider PC players an afterthought.

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