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All FIFA 21 editions

If you are about to play FIFA 21, you will notice that there are multiple editions. Finding the best edition out of them to spend your time can be challenging. To help you with overcoming such confusions, we thought of sharing more details with related to the FIFA 21 editions.

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FIFA 21 Standard Edition

Standard Edition is the most basic version of FIFA 21 available for you to play as of now. Due to the same reason, this edition is marked at the lowest price tag as well. Along with the base game, you will be able to get your hands on all the modes with the standard edition. In fact, you will not be missing out any features along with the purchase of this edition. However, you will still be able to receive some additional bonuses.

The first bonus you can get along with FIFA 21 Standard Edition is 3 Rare Gold Packs. You will be able to get 1 gold pack per week up to a duration of three consecutive weeks. Likewise, you will be able to receive cover star loan item, which you can play for 5 different FUT matches. You can also receive FUT ambassador player pick with it. This is where you can pick one out of three player items, which you can use for three different FUT matches. You can also get special edition stadium items and FUT kits as bonuses.

FIFA 21 Champions Edition

If you are a person who is playing FIFA 21 casually, champions edition would be the best option available to consider. You will have to spend some more money on it, but the experience is worth the amount you spend. That’s because it is possible for you to get a head start on the game along with bonus items. On the other hand, you can continue to receive packs every single week.

All people who get FIFA 21 Champions edition will be able to receive 3 days early access. Likewise, you can get homegrown talent option in the career mode, where you can take in local talent.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition

In case if you are mostly playing along with the FIFA ultimate team, you should be purchasing the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition. This edition will provide you the chance to gain early access to the game. On top of that, it is offering numerous bonus features for you to spend your time with.

All the bonuses that are available on FIFA 21 standard edition and FIFA 21 champions edition are available in this. Hence, you can call it as the best option among different FIFA 21 editions. On top of those features, you can get one FUT ambassador Loan Player Item. This is where you will be able to pick one player out of three different player items, which you can play for three different FUT matches of your choice.

Go through these three editions in detail and make sure that you start playing FIFA 21 with the best edition available to you.

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