How to play FIFA21 for free?

how to play fifa21 for free?

How to play FIFA21 for free?

As some of you might know, the FIFA series is just one of many popular series released by Electronics Arts since the establishment of the company in 1982. Due to the growing popularity of EA games, including the FIFA series, Electronic Arts succeeded in pitching a subscription-based service to Microsoft in 2014 where enthusiastic gamers can enjoy additional EA features.

EA Play, formerly EA Access, offers a variety of benefits for all gamers including a standard 10% discount on all EA games and services, exclusive pre-release playtime of EA games and even full game downloads for a small monthly or yearly fee.


Even though SONY didn’t believe in the added value of EA Access at first, the service became available on PlayStation as well in 2019 after its great success on Xbox. One of the most popular perks of EA Access amongst FIFA players is the yearly opportunity to play 10 hours of FIFA before the actual release date. Many of you probably took out a subscription for one month to get access to this feature and get a small head start on other players. Some of you, although probably not a lot, might have decided not to buy FIFA for this year based on their experiences during these 10 hours of playtime.

What is great about EA PLAY?

For those of you who decided to skip this FIFA because you believed it wasn’t worth the €69,99 for the standard edition or even more for the champions edition or ultimate edition, or those who just weren’t able to afford it even if they wanted to, we got some good news. FIFA 21 is now released as one of the games included in the EA Play subscription. That means you are now able to play FIFA for only 4,99€ per month and enjoy all other EA Play features as well. You will even earn back almost 1,5 month worth of EA Play if you use the 10% discount to order FIFA 22. If you decide to subscribe to the yearly plan you will save another 50% and only pay €29,99.

Seems cheap right? But that isn’t even the best part yet. EA Play is included in the Xbox game pass! That means that all 23 million Xbox players with a Xbox game pass can now literally play FIFA 21 for free. Unfortunately for all Playstation and PC gamers this doesn’t apply to you, not yet anyway. Since Sony took a lot longer than Microsoft in seeing the added value of this EA service initially as well, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony will follow again and include the EA Play subscription in Playstation Plus since EA sold over 325 million units in the Fifa series alone since their establishment. That’s without considering the sales within the Sims Series, Need for speed Series, Battlefield series and many more.

Fun fact

Whilst EA games have proven to be extremely populair for the last decades, EA was voted the worst company in the entire USA in 2012 with over 64% of the votes. As if that wasn’t enough, they won again in 2013 and became the first company to win this title twice in a row.

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