What is FIFA?

What is FIFA?

FIFA, which is also known as International de Football Association, is the non-profit organization, which is playing the role of the governing body for controlling football game. It is also responsible for managing beach soccer and futsal. You can call FIFA as the highest governing body with related to football as well.

What is FIFA responsible for?

Soccer can be considered as the most popular team sport that you can find out there in the world. This sport is being played by two teams, where each team has got 11 players. The game is being played on a wide rectangular field, where a spherical ball is being used. The primary objective of the game is to play the ball, until it touches the goal. The primary objective of a team is to land the ball in the goal of the opposite team. The team that secures the greatest number of goals will be able to emerge as the winner at the end of the day. In case if both teams end up with scoring the same number of goals, it will be declared as a draw or extra minutes will be awarded.

FIFA, which is also known as the International Federation of Association Football, is the main entity, which is responsible for setting up standards for soccer in the world. In fact, all the laws in the soccer games are being managed and controlled by them. They have set up the dimensions of the soccer field. If you are concerned about soccer field dimensions, you need to take a look at what is being defined by them. All the laws related to football field with dimensions are controlled and updated by FIFA along with time.

Another responsibility of FIFA is to determine who is holding the World Cup. In order to do that, FIFA is visiting the nations and evaluating the preparations. In fact, FIFA is closely evaluating the plans that different countries are presenting. Based on those plans, FIFA determines who is equipped with the best plan. Based on that, the most appropriate country for hosting FIFA World Cup is chosen. Likewise, FIFA would also determine the best countries to host the other tournaments as well.

Why is FIFA important?

Now you have a good understanding on what FIFA is all about. With that understanding, it is also important to confirm why FIFA is important. Organized football is being played all around the world. As of now, there are 209 members, who continue to play domestic competitions on their own. Most domestic competitions played are professional. On the other hand, they are generating billions of revenue every single year.

According to the estimations of FIFA, around 500 million people are connected to it all around the world. They are playing FIFA with some capacity. For example, some of them are officiating, whereas others are playing the game. Likewise, we can also see how some entities are running clubs.

It is important to unify all these entities effectively. That’s where FIFA can provide assistance. It can assist to create a strong impact on the game and help the teams to reach greater heights. According to the accounts of FIFA, it has got around 1.5 Billion USD as of ow. Most of the money that FIFA receives is coming from is through the sale of rights in order to screen the FIFA World Cup Matches. On top of that, FIFA is capable of earning a decent amount of money through sponsorships that it has with the blue-chip global corporations. All these will help FIFA to retain their status and contribute towards the betterment of the game.

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